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No Extra Charge for After Hours

Gas Fitter Near Me’s ‘no extra charge for after hours’ statement specifies that we charge the same rates for our services no matter the time or day of the year, including public holidays. Therefore, regardless of whether the client has a technician attend to their plumbing or gas on the weekend, or late at night, our rates will be the same.

The ‘subject to availability’ clause in this instance refers to situations where we have no technicians available in the area at the requested time and are unable to send a technician out to the client.

Service Within the Hour

Whenever possible, or requested by the client, we aim to send a technician to the client within an hour of their call.

In this instance, the ‘subject to availability’ clause refers to circumstances where our technicians are located at other jobs and are not able to make it to the client within the hour time frame.

If you have any questions at all relating to either of these clauses, please feel free to contact us and ask one of our friendly team members.

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1 Hour Attendance*

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